Darienski is an experimental instrumental music project that was founded in 2012 by Berlin musician and producer Andreas Stickel.

The music combines both hand-played instruments alongside electronic loops and samples.

Influences can be heard from some of Stickel’s collaborations with his earlier projects such as Honeymunch (Jazz, Funk, Electro), Popstickel (Pop) or Jumbo Jet (Noisecore, Punk Rock).

Further inspirations are also drawn from the Esbjörn Svenson Trio, Mum, Rage Against The Machine, the Dead Kennedys, Carl Orff, as well as the music of children’s radio plays and stories such as Sergei Prokofiew’s „Peter und der Wolf“.

The resulting sound is a blend that combines simple motifs alongside distorted drum beats,  gritty textures and wide melodies with mechanical loops and harmonic soundscapes.

„First Sketches“, the debut EP by Darienski appeared,  August 16th 2013 on the BSC Music label.


Christian Ugurel: saxophone and bass clarinet

Hannes Stickel: drums

Johan Fink: drums

Paul Pilot: guitar

Matthias Erhard: piano

Andreas Stickel: bass, double bass, guitar, synths, xylophone, all editing and production